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This 6-0week workshop focuses on understanding depression and anxiety as well as gaining the tools to assist in combating the symptoms. Each session is built on the next as you continue to learn strategies and techniques to help you overcome depression and anxiety. Every session will help you take steps towards the life that you desire and are so deserving of.

In the 6 weeks together, you will gain a deeper understanding of your anxiety and feelings of depression, learn tools to challenge negative thinking patterns, become more confident in communicating and setting healthy boundaries, while practicing self-care and meeting your basic human needs.

The 6-week program consists of

  • Understanding Depression and Anxiety
  • Self-care and Mindfulness
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Helpful Thinking
  • Communication & Boundaries
  • Nutrition and Exercise
  • Goal Setting

If you are struggling with depression and/or anxiety, please join this workshop and gain the support a group offers.

Facilitated by a Registered Counsellor.

This program is designed for women to become more centered in who they are, and to take steps towards the successes they desire. The workshop is 6 weeks in length, covering the following topics:

  • Goal Setting
  • Self-Care and Mindfulness
  • 4 Pillars of Health
  • Financial Literacy
  • Communications/Relationships
  • Values and Strengths
  • Inner Beauty (optional – extracurricular on own    time)

Each topic is focused on gaining a deeper understanding and acceptance of one’s self.

Facilitated by a Registered Professional Counsellor.

This well-informed 7-week workshop is designed to comfort, instruct and celebrate with the youngest members of the mama world. Navigating motherhood as a new and young mama can seem daunting and overwhelming.

In this program years of experience are brought together to take the fear and the unknown out of becoming or being a new young mama.

We are proud to offer the transferring of knowledge from mamas with experience and experts in the world of motherhood to young mothers that embark on this journey with us. You will benefit from the support, guidance and mentoring that this program offers.

The topics covered include:

  • Introduction – Mind Mapping – (processing ideas, fears, strengths, weaknesses)
  • Postpartum Depression / Baby blues
  • Navigating Parenting
  • Self-care and Mom Balance
  • Sleep – baby and mom
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition – (healthy eating, easy meal planning, breastfeeding, bottle feeding)
  • Financial/Budgeting
  • Identity / Goals
  • Relationships and Sex after baby (body image)

Motherhood is a gift, not meant to be done alone. Let’s talk about it, all the fears, concerns, overwhelming thoughts and the joy and delight. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child, let this program be a part of your village.

“Grief is an emotional experience and no matter how hard society tries to act as if sad feelings don’t exist – THEY DO”      -author unknown

At Mamas for Mamas we offer a program for Grief and Loss. We recognize that Grief is a difficult and lonely journey. Our goal is to offer support and companionship to mamas that have experienced loss. Loss comes in many shapes and forms, but the one thing it has in common, is pain; whether it is lost through miscarriage, stillborn, loss of infant or child, a life partner, friend, parent or sibling. No one should have to grieve this kind of pain alone.

Through this 6 week Grief and Loss Support Group, we offer support as you gain an understanding of the stages of grief and coping techniques on your grief journey. The group was designed with the purpose of creating a safe and intimate space for each individual to begin their healing journey.  This is a safe place where we provide support for each other and provide the opportunity to experience new ways to understand your own grieving process and how to move forward in a new normal that you did not ask for.

This group is facilitated by a registered counselor.

Do you have questions about how to manage your finances? Would you like to feel more confident when making financial decisions?   Take the first step to improving your financial future by joining Launch Okanagan me for 5 online classes where we will cover the following topics:

  • Your relationship with money
  • Consumerism
  • Budgeting
  • Saving and investing
  • Credit and debt management

During our classes you will learn about:

  • How your past experiences with money impact how you manage your money today
  • How to create and manage a budget
  • The different types of credit and how to manage credit responsibly
  • Credit bureaus and how to maintain a good credit rating
  • Compound interest and how it can impact your savings over time
  • Different ways you can save: RRSP, TFSA, RESP
  • Free money that is available for your child’s RESP
  • Investment products you can use to save or invest your money
  • Financial scams and how to protect yourself


Please bring your questions! 

Your facilitator has over 20 years’ experience in banking and providing financial advice.  Her passion is to help people feel confident when making financial decisions.  Managing your finances doesn’t have to be complicated!


Discover the joys of experiential and nature-based approaches to connection, self-reflection, and growth…

Many of us have found solace in the natural world recently. These weekly exploration groups offer a variety of suggestions and ways to deepen this budding relationship, and to enhance the innate wellbeing benefits of time outdoors.

Join us for this empowering and rejuvenating 4-week series, using gentle movement and dirt therapy, building on weekly themes to explore collectively, expanding our awareness with sensory explorations through meditation and mindfulness, and a ‘sit spot’ experience at the Mama for Mamas Farm.

Mindful presence in nature can help us come out of our heads, into our body, calming our thoughts and soothing our nervous system. Come feel uplifted, connect and be empowered with ways to enhance your mental and emotional wellbeing!

When: Sunday, March 21st, 28th & April 11th, 18th

Time: 10:00am – 11:00am

Where: Mamas for Mamas Farm (2424 Mayer Rd, Kelowna)

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will be hosting this in-person group to limited size of 6 participants. Facilitator Jacqueline Jones will contact you directly once you have signed up through the Mamas for Mamas website. Please see the link below to sign up. Participation is a requirement for this course; please only sign up if you are able to attend sessions. It is suggested that this is a child-free experience, if child care is a barrier, please email [email protected]

Join Myla, a PCI Certified Parent Coach, Parent Educator, former Kindergarten teacher and mom of two for a webinar on “How to Get Your Kids to Listen Without Yelling.”

In this 30 minute webinar for parents of young children (under the age of 7), you will be walking away with concrete and helpful strategies to encourage cooperation from your child, while staying connected to them. There will be 30 minutes at the end to take questions live. You will also able to ask questions about the webinar in the private Facebook group for one week after the live presentation.

Please join us Thursday, April 8th at 10 am PST by signing up through our website. We will email you the link to the presentation. If you are interested in this seminar but are unable to make the time work, please join the Facebook group “How to Get Your Kids to Listen Without Yelling” within Mamas for Mamas to watch the webinar and post questions

Have you ever thought about where your beliefs about yourself and what is possible for your life have come from? These things play a major role in our relationship with ourselves. What we think we can achieve and how we relate to ourselves and the world around us.

As women it is easy to struggle with the biggest relationship we will ever have, the one we have with ourselves and our body. To no fault of their own our, parents instill beliefs in us, culture and society also have a profound impact as well but that doesn’t mean we are destined to hold the beliefs we were given.

We all have a garden at birth, with rich soil. Things get planted there as we grow up, but some things that once blossomed have died or become like weeds that need to be removed. This is so we can make room for something better for us and who we are.

In this workshop we will explore what those beliefs are, how they may be impacting you and the quality of the relationship you have with yourself and your body. We will open up space for new more aligned beliefs so that you can come home to your body, plant things that will grow and flourish as you were meant to. This will include limiting beliefs, self-love, and your relationship with/to your body.

  • You will be given actionable tools that you can implement immediately
  • You will learn the power of affirmations, how to create your own and how to use them
  • What self-care practices can enhance your life
  • How to nurture and give gratitude to your body daily
  • and practices for relief of anxiety, limiting beliefs, stress and physical pain.

You deserve to come home to your body. She is waiting for you.

Please join us for a 4 week workshop; there will be one hour of interactive learning and practice with 30 minutes available at the end for questions. See the link below to sign up! Please watch your email for updates on start dates and links to the sessions.