Vancouver Branch

The journey of Mamas for Mamas Vancouver began early in 2018 after the CEO and Founder, Shannon Christensen, flew out to Vancouver to meet with an interested volunteer to discuss the expansion and vision of the organization. Soon after that, our online presence grew and now two years later, we have 12 active Facebook Chapters throughout the lower mainland and an Instagram page.

As our community awareness expanded, we quickly realized that our dreams of reaching more families in need and creating a safe place for Mamas to visit were going to become a reality. In September of 2020, the first Vancouver Branch office opened its doors. Our team of volunteers and our incredible donors and sponsors continue to grow rapidly, and due to that, we are able to keep up with our mission of always trying to make sure that no Mama or child is left behind.

As we continue on this path of filing in the gaps and hoping to change the systems that contribute to the vicious cycle of poverty, we remain profoundly grateful to everyone that supports us and believes in our goal of providing a hand up, not just a hand out, to families who are facing a crisis.

Our Team

  • Celena Arthur

    Director of Community Engagement & Fund Development
  • Maisy DeBray

    Community Support Worker
  • Erin Osborne

    Resource Coordinator
  • Chelsea Minhas

    Social Worker
  • Alison Foreman

    Resource Coordinator
  • Anna Carr

    Vancouver Branch Director

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Karma Market

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Karma Market and the limitless generosity of our community, we have had to make some changes to our operating procedures. The high volume of shoppers and donations has put an incredible strain on our space and our volunteer mama-power. We are implementing these changes to ensure every mama in need receives a hand up and not just a handout. Please understand that these changes are needed for the continued success of the Market and to meet the demand of mamas who need to access our services.

We thank you for your understanding and continued support.


We ask that you please cancel the appointment if anything of the below pertains to you:

  • anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, must self-isolate at home for a minimum of 10 days
  • anyone under the direction of the provincial health officer to self-isolate must follow those instructions
  • anyone who has arrived from outside of Canada, or who is a contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case, to self-isolate for 14 days and monitor for symptoms

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

We can only accept brand new / like new items for our Karma Market. We are organizing monthly swaps to facilitate mamas sharing and donating items that will no longer be at the Karma Market. Thank you for your understanding our need to set limitations that will ensure the continued success of the market without burning out our volunteers or duplicating services.

We still accept the following items at the Karma Market by appointment only:

  • Brand new/ like new clothing for all members of the family
  • Baby equipment (gently used, clean exersaucers, swings, carriers, change tables, play pens, etc.)
  • Cribs (no drop down side or recalled cribs please; even with hardware we cannot accept them)
  • Brand new towels and bedding
  • Brand new personal hygiene items (tampons, pads, toothpaste, soap, etc.)
  • Brand new toys (in box)
  • Food (not expired and unopened; fresh produce is very welcome)
  • Formula and baby food (not expired and unopened)
  • Furniture: please contact The Share Society, Restore, or Salvation Army as we no longer accept furniture at our market
  • Footwear: please consider donating to the shoe bank
  • Housewares: please post on your local Mamas for Mamas Facebook group, The Share Society, Salvation Army, or Restore
  • Electronics – please post on your local Mamas for Mamas Facebook group
    • *We can accept new electronics in excellent working order but cannot repair or re-home outdated technology

To donate and drop off items please email us at

Join our psycho-educational groups


Anxiety and Depression Group
Whole Mama
Young Mama
Grief and Loss Support Group
Well Reounded Parent

January 16, 2024

This 6-week workshop focuses on understanding depression and anxiety as well as gaining the tools to assist in combating the symptoms. Each session is built on the next as you continue to learn strategies and techniques to help you overcome depression and anxiety. Every session will help you take steps towards the life that you desire and are so deserving of.

In the 6 weeks together, you will gain a deeper understanding of your anxiety and feelings of depression, learn tools to challenge negative thinking patterns, become more confident in communicating and setting healthy boundaries, while practicing self-care and meeting your basic human needs.

The 6-week program consists of

  • Understanding Depression and Anxiety
  • Self-care and Mindfulness
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Helpful Thinking
  • Communication & Boundaries
  • Nutrition and Exercise
  • Goal Setting

If you are struggling with depression and/or anxiety, please join this workshop and gain the support a group offers.

Facilitated by a Registered Counsellor.

November 5, 2024

This program is designed for women to become more centered in who they are, and to take steps towards the successes they desire. The workshop is 6 weeks in length, covering the following topics:

  • Goal Setting
  • Self-Care and Mindfulness
  • 4 Pillars of Health
  • Financial Literacy
  • Communications/Relationships
  • Values and Strengths
  • Inner Beauty (optional – extracurricular on own    time)

Each topic is focused on gaining a deeper understanding and acceptance of one’s self.

Facilitated by a Registered Professional Counsellor.

September 10, 2024

This well-informed 7-week workshop is designed to comfort, instruct and celebrate with the youngest members of the mama world. Navigating motherhood as a new and young mama can seem daunting and overwhelming.

In this program years of experience are brought together to take the fear and the unknown out of becoming or being a new young mama.

We are proud to offer the transferring of knowledge from mamas with experience and experts in the world of motherhood to young mothers that embark on this journey with us. You will benefit from the support, guidance and mentoring that this program offers.

The topics covered include:

  • Introduction – Mind Mapping – (processing ideas, fears, strengths, weaknesses)
  • Postpartum Depression / Baby blues
  • Navigating Parenting
  • Self-care and Mom Balance
  • Sleep – baby and mom
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition – (healthy eating, easy meal planning, breastfeeding, bottle feeding)
  • Financial/Budgeting
  • Identity / Goals
  • Relationships and Sex after baby (body image)

Motherhood is a gift, not meant to be done alone. Let’s talk about it, all the fears, concerns, overwhelming thoughts and the joy and delight. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child; let this program be a part of your village.

March 5, 2024

“Grief is an emotional experience and no matter how hard society tries to act as if sad feelings don’t exist – THEY DO”      -author unknown

At Mamas for Mamas we offer a program for Grief and Loss. We recognize that Grief is a difficult and lonely journey. Our goal is to offer support and companionship to mamas that have experienced loss. Loss comes in many shapes and forms, but the one thing it has in common, is pain; whether it is lost through miscarriage, stillborn, loss of infant or child, a life partner, friend, parent or sibling. No one should have to grieve this kind of pain alone.

Through this 6 week Grief and Loss Support Group, we offer support as you gain an understanding of the stages of grief and coping techniques on your grief journey. The group was designed with the purpose of creating a safe and intimate space for each individual to begin their healing journey.  This is a safe place where we provide support for each other and provide the opportunity to experience new ways to understand your own grieving process and how to move forward in a new normal that you did not ask for.

This group is facilitated by a registered counselor.

August 1, 2024

Are you looking to have a successful start to fall with your littles? We are taking a new spin on looking at parenting and how you can become a Well-Rounded Parent and feel good about yourself. This group is open to anyone looking to understand themselves and their reactions to their children. We are taking an in-depth look at the central nervous system and how this impacts the world around you, the impact this has on your children and relationships. As well as how meeting your basic human needs can assist in regulating your stress responses. Join us online to explore trauma, wellness, self concepts, morals and more and how you can implement these techniques into your everyday life to become the Well-Rounded parent.

1% Partnerships

Products in support of Mamas for Mamas

Partnered Products

Mint & Birch
CoCoDot Affection
The Rosie Weekend
Creations by Bree
Hygee Space
The Over Company
Noble Grace
Naetal Skincare
Vela Candle Bar

10% of the proceeds of these beautiful necklaces are donated back to Mamas for Mamas.

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Life’s not perfect, but together we can help make it better.

A small percentage of our inventory may have cosmetic imperfections such as creased or crooked labels, or smudged ink. By purchasing these factory seconds, $2 from every bottle will be donated to Mamas for Mamas.

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30% of proceeds from this collection will be donated to Mamas for Mamas Vancouver.

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$3 from each Gift Basket or Box sold in the Mamas for Mamas collection will be donated. At Christmas, it will go back into creating gift boxes for mamas throughout the holiday season.

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Hygee Space has created a customized candle called “MOR” (Mama in Danish and Norwegian). When you purchase this candle through our site one candle exactly like the one you purchased will be donated to a Mama in need of a little self care.

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A part of our Give Back initiatives, your purchase of this ‘Mamas for Mamas’ [note:able] greeting card supports families across Canada. For every card sold, $2.50 is donated to Mamas for Mamas.

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The Dragon Fly Pendant- Mamas for Mamas Collab

Dragonflies are one of my favourite little creatures. They symbolize change, transformation, adaptability and self-realization. What beautiful reminders for everyone, but especially any parent going through a hard time. Dragonflies remind us to have faith in times of difficulties, which is why we often see them when we are going through a period of change. I hope this necklace serves as a reminder that even on the tough days there is always a community of beautiful people supporting you.

XOXO, Sarah

* 100% of the profits of this necklace will go directly back to Mamas for Mamas.


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For every Oat & Lavender Bath purchased, 10% of proceeds will be donated to Mamas for Mamas to support mothers and families in need.

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The ‘mama’ candle is in collaboration with Mamas for Mamas.

We are proud partners and 30% of each ‘mama’ candle sold will go towards Mamas for Mamas. 

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Honorary Mamas

Vijay Kapoor

Honorary Mama 2021



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Other Side of Homelesness

To understand how a mom with a newborn and a toddler can end up living in their car in Canada, we must first re-examine our perception of poverty and the metrics that define it. Our current system does not accurately reflect the cost of living per capita when determining poverty cut-off lines, leaving thousands of caregivers at a disadvantage. Their income might appear adequate when compared to a national average, but in reality, it falls short of meeting their needs.

Addressing homelessness among caregivers and their children involves tackling both relative and absolute homelessness. Relative homelessness refers to those living in inadequate housing conditions, while absolute homelessness involves individuals lacking any form of shelter. Homelessness is more than just a lack of shelter—it's an obstacle to health, stability, and opportunity. Our campaign is committed to creating sustainable solutions that provide not only housing but also the necessary support systems to help families thrive.

By emphasizing advocacy, community engagement, and strategic partnerships, we aim to build a future where every caregiver and child has a safe and stable place to call home.
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