Mamas Ukraine Support Program 

About the program

Mamas for Mamas’ Ukrainian Refugee Support Program has been created to fill the gaps in available poverty relief and support services for our newest community members. These families have recently fled the only home they know in Ukraine, often only with the clothing on their backs. We are working closely with local and national agencies to ensure the refugee families arriving to our communities have access to all necessities such as food, water, shelter, baby equipment, clothing and mental health/trauma counselling. 

Families arriving in Canada will have little to no access to income to pay for the essential items, nor do they necessarily have the ability to accept government subsidies- that’s where we come in. Many parents and their children were separated as they sought refuge from increasing levels of violence and danger. As they come back together in the safety of Canada, Mamas will be here to ensure they have everything they need so they won’t fall through the cracks of society.

Mamas for Mamas staff and volunteers are all highly dedicated to guiding our new neighbours through resource navigation for essential items and support services. Whatever is not available in the community will be provided through this internal Mamas for Mamas program with the compassion and kindness they deserve, and need more than ever. 
In supporting this program, you are helping to ensure that no Ukrainian mama, papa or child is left behind as they settle into Canada. Thank you for helping us to build a longer table, not a higher fence as we welcome our newest and most vulnerable neighbours to our home. 

In service and gratitude,

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