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About the program

Our Mental Health and Wellness Program, including our Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support and Whole Mama Wellness Programs, provide emergency and comprehensive support in the form of clinical counselling to Mamas and their families in our community. This program is designed to support individuals in need of prompt and no-barrier(fee) access to registered trained mental health professionals. Program Details for Mental Health and Wellness: The Mental Health and Wellness program includes; access to registered clinical counsellors, referrals to individual and group counselling with follow-up support, mindfulness groups, access to physical activities, parenting support for transitions such as separations, divorce, etc. Our trauma counsellor supervisor holds a Master of Arts in psychology and 3- years post-masters training in self-regulation therapy to ensure we are offering the highest quality of mental health care. More recently we have been working with volunteer professionals that are required to gain additional practicum hours prior to obtaining their certification. This has allowed for us to alleviate waitlist times and continue to introduce the Mamas for Mamas programs to professionals that are interested in working with poverty relief charities. This program began in 2017 and continues to grow and expand annually. In 2019 we assessed the delivery of these services and provided 207 counselling sessions in addition to the group sessions that there were delivered, and over 2300 participants were seen in these group sessions providing a more sustainable model.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support

This program provides grief and trauma support through individual or couples counselling after a pregnancy or infant loss with a registered clinical counsellor specializing in pregnancy and infant loss. This program was developed in 2018 when we observed an increase in mamas reaching out to us after experiencing a pregnancy or infant loss. Supportive group programs are available on a rotating basis in the evenings and include 6-weeks of group counselling by a clinical counsellor, due to the pandemic these programs are now all available online in a flexible format. A collaborative relationship has been developed with Springfield Funeral Home and Central Okanagan Hospice Association for all cross referrals to assist in managing the logistics of losing a baby. In 2019 we supported 52 mamas in addition to the 21 mamas participating in group sessions, in 2020 we supported 62 mamas and caregivers individually through this program and 54 more through the online group counselling support.

Whole Mama Wellness

The Whole Mama Wellness program strives to support and inspire motivated mamas looking to improve their lives through multifaceted practical education, sleep hygiene, life skills and personal discovery. Changing each mama’s relationship with money/poverty mindset, sustainable food security and supports at risk mothers in cultivating their sense of wholeness and wellbeing. Mental health services, financial health education, mindfulness practice and education, guidance on eating well and the importance of food choices along with education on proper exercise and the importance of regular selfcare practices are delivered as part of this program. Individual mental health counselling intakes are done with our Social Worker, but participants in this program may be self referred or referred by an agency. This program is open to any mama or family who needs clinical intervention to support their mental health. 2020, we supported 2130 mamas through Whole Mama group online support programs. COVID regulations impacted our growth in this program but we adapted by moving them online within 3 week of being shut down. The mental health program saw 2546 clients combined between individual and group sessions.

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