Take part in an a movement that has made a powerful impact on families and cargivers in your community.


Partnerships are very important to Mamas for Mamas in our fight against poverty. Mamas welcomes all companies and brands to inquire about creating a cause-related program with Mamas for Mamas as the beneficiary.

Each potential partner is requested to complete and submit a proposal form below describing the intended campaign. Proposals are reviewed regularly by our partnership team to ascertain the program’s compatibility with the Mamas brand and determine the best fit for the campaign within Mamas for Mamas Partnership Program.

Ways to Partner with Mamas for Mamas

  • Partnered Products
    • Where a % of proceeds sold from a product is donated to Mamas
    • Creating a Mama line where a % of the proceeds are donated to Mamas
    • Limited edition sales where a % of the proceeds are donated to Mamas
  • Donating products
  • Organize an event and raise funds to support mamas
    • Concerts
    • Birthday Gifts
    • Marathons
    • Event Parties
    • Online fundraisers
  • Sponsor an event
  • Joint venture

Interested in being a partner or a sponsor?

Fill out our application!

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Support a Family this Christmas!


Hymers Private Wealth of RBC Dominion Securities is the proud Platinum Partner for the organization’s 2021 Christmas Hamper Program.

The holiday spirit is about giving and spreading joy throughout the communities in which we live and serve. In 2020, we distributed over 6,000 Christmas hampers to families in Canada and over 2,500 in the Okanagan alone! This year we have had an exponential increase in the number of families who need our support. We are faced with an enormous challenge this year, and with your help, you can provide a heart-warming outcome and a little magic this time of year.

Christmas can be the most stressful and challenging time of the year for many. The knowledge that someone has thought about them this Christmas, that they are not alone, can lift the spirits of so many caregivers and children. This year you can donate to a family in need or sponsor a family directly in our community. 
S P O N S O R   T O D A Y!