How to Dress Stylish and Comfortably Post-Baby

Being a mom has got to be one of the greatest gifts life has to offer. As the birth of your newborn draws near, you realize that this moment is about to change your life forever. How will you live your life as soon as he or she is born? Will you be able to go back to your previous ways, or will your post-baby bod be in the way of your dressing choices?

Scour Your Wardrobe

Dressing this new found body doesn’t mean you have to purchase a whole new set of clothes and outfits. While your most worn pre-pregnancy tops and bottoms may not fit you right now, you can always search for loose articles of clothing or pieces with elastic waistbands that can accommodate your post-pregnancy belly.

Once you’ve finished going through your current wardrobe for some reusable pieces, it’s time to go over the ways in which you can put those clothes together and dress comfortably stylish for your postpartum body.


Go for Loose and Flowy

Flowy is the way to go when you don’t want to show off your natural silhouette. Opt for long and wide-cut pants that don’t hug at your legs when you walk or sit. You can also wear a full body jumpsuit that has the same effect.

As for the top, find one with a lot of excess fabric that doesn’t highlight your post-baby pooch. An oversized fit will also work well to conceal those unwanted bulges.

If you want to dress up a bit, find a stretchy maxi dress and pair it with flats. Whether you’re having lunch with your girlfriends or going on a date night, wearing a dress can instantly elevate your look.

Find a Good Bra

During and after pregnancy, you might find that your breasts ache from lactating and that liquid is dripping from your bosom. It isn’t always the best feeling, and you might find it difficult to be comfortable in a bra.

To make matters more challenging, breastfeeding your baby can become quite the ordeal if there is not easy access through your bra (especially if you are out of the house when you need to feed your baby).

When you’re out with your baby, wear a comfortable nursing bra. This way, the nursing feature is seamlessly incorporated into your undergarments making it perfectly suited to your current situation.

If there are times you get to leave the house on your own, nursing bras are not the only bra you need to wear! It’s no secret that your breasts grow a couple sizes during this stage of life. If you feel that they’re stealing the center of attention, you can always wear a supportive minimizer bra to reduce the visual impact that your chest might have.

Add a Scarf

Scarves are the perfect post-baby accessory. Not only are they fashionable and affordable, but they can easily hide stains on your shirts! From spit-up to breast leakage, there are some days where you just don’t have enough time to constantly change your top. Pairing a scarf with your outfit can quickly cover up these unwanted blotches.

In the winter, wear a cozy knit scarf, and in the summer, get a lightweight fashion scarf.

Wear something stretchy

If comfort is the name of the game, then a stretchy pair of bottoms are absolutely key. Try some black leggings that provide you comfort, make you look slimmer, and also compress your stomach at the waist band. Leggings are three-in-one fashion staples that will look great anytime and anywhere.

When all you want to do is look slimmer and less bulgy, going for high waisted bottoms might just do the trick. Because of its high-rise waist, it effectively covers and sucks in your lower abdomen where most of the excess fat is left behind.

This design also promotes an hourglass shape as it cinches your waist and makes your hips look wider. Whether you go for high waisted shorts, pants, or skirts, you’re already a step closer to looking a bit more proportioned while staying comfy.


While being a mother is both a gift and a miracle, we all know that it takes a toll not only on the mother’s mental and emotional state but also her physical condition.

That’s why in this article, we hope to offer help to new moms by giving them the opportunity to look and feel good. Through the way a mother feels about herself, she may gain confidence in her duties as a parent and in all that what makes her who she is today.

– Allena Rissa
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