Grande Prairie Branch

Mamas for Mamas Grande Prairie Alberta really took off in 2019. We service the GP area and many surrounding communities in the province.
The Grande Prairie branch was started to help mamas and families in the area access resources that may help them without the exchange of cash. We want to make sure no mama or family is ever left behind. Our Facebook group page helps thousands of families connect with each other and to access resources and help from the area. We have a great team of volunteers but always looking for volunteers as well. The goal for our branch is to ensure no mama or child is left behind. We try to fill the gaps when some people may not qualify for help. Nobody that struggles should have to feel judged, or ashamed or embarrassed they need help. Our online community ensures that only kindness is our currency. We want to make sure if mama needs a hand up, she will easily be able to access it. The donations we receive are to help mamas when they fall between the cracks and aren’t able to get help from anyplace else. They stay in our community and help out families locally.
We are always accepting donations of diapers, wipes and formula because of the big needs on the group page. Food/ grocery items are also heavy hitters for families who are struggling. 
While we are working diligently towards obtaining a physical location, we are solely online at this time.

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Online Anxiety and Depression Group
Whole Mama
Grief and Loss Support Group

Experience a 6-week psychoeducational group from the comfort of your own home. This course consists of education, tips, tricks and tools on how to help combat anxiety and depression. Each week will offer a live session with a qualified counsellor to guide you through the program and answer any questions you may have. There will also be learning activities and goals to complete at your own pace. Attendance is not mandatory but suggested. If you are unable to attend the live session, you will be able to go back and watch so you don’t miss anything. When all the sessions and workbooks are completed within the 6 weeks you will receive a certificate of completion. Please note all work has to be completed in the 6-week time frame to be considered complete.

The anxiety and depression group begins Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021 and runs to March 9th, 2021. Live sessions will be every Tuesday 10-11:30 am PST.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!