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Mamas for Mamas Calgary was created to help fill the gaps in our city for the many families that struggle day after day. Calgary offers so many opportunities but can also be very turbulent economically, so our branch assists all kinds of families in need from every walk of life and from all over, including areas such as Strathmore, Chestermere, Airdrie, Okotoks, High River, Cochrane & Canmore.

Our Facebook group is a pivotal resource for mamas and caregivers to share, donate, trade and best of all rely on each other for support. We do hope to have a dedicated space in the near future and until then donations are accepted at 4 homes, in each quadrant throughout the city. We have big dreams and high hopes for the Calgary branch and can’t wait to see the impact we can have on YYC. From pop up Karma Markets (free items like clothing, household goods, essentials and children’s gear) to partnering with local businesses to host amazing fundraising events, we are keen to bring more awareness to this wonderful cause and continue to help as many Mamas as we can. No one gets left behind!

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Online Anxiety and Depression Group
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Grief and Loss Support Group

Experience a 6-week psychoeducational group from the comfort of your own home. This course consists of education, tips, tricks and tools on how to help combat anxiety and depression. Each week will offer a live session with a qualified counsellor to guide you through the program and answer any questions you may have. There will also be learning activities and goals to complete at your own pace. Attendance is not mandatory but suggested. If you are unable to attend the live session, you will be able to go back and watch so you don’t miss anything. When all the sessions and workbooks are completed within the 6 weeks you will receive a certificate of completion. Please note all work has to be completed in the 6-week time frame to be considered complete.

The anxiety and depression group begins Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021 and runs to March 9th, 2021. Live sessions will be every Tuesday 10-11:30 am PST.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!



Support a Family this Christmas!


Hymers Private Wealth of RBC Dominion Securities is the proud Platinum Partner for the organization’s 2021 Christmas Hamper Program.

The holiday spirit is about giving and spreading joy throughout the communities in which we live and serve. In 2020, we distributed over 6,000 Christmas hampers to families in Canada and over 2,500 in the Okanagan alone! This year we have had an exponential increase in the number of families who need our support. We are faced with an enormous challenge this year, and with your help, you can provide a heart-warming outcome and a little magic this time of year.

Christmas can be the most stressful and challenging time of the year for many. The knowledge that someone has thought about them this Christmas, that they are not alone, can lift the spirits of so many caregivers and children. This year you can donate to a family in need or sponsor a family directly in our community. 
S P O N S O R   T O D A Y!