In 2018, I took charge of my life (at 40!) and it has been incredibly liberating. Now in the present, with my feet firmly on the ground, I think about the past and all of the moments where I knew there was something different in me, but ignored it. And that’s the struggle for children […]

Mental Health in Work Culture

How did you find yourself in this situation? When did you find the need to stand up for your mental health? In January of 2019 – I was well into my third year of employment with a local shop – and after a busy holiday season combined with a recent expansion – everyone was looking […]

“What happened to the “village”?

I don’t even remember how many years ago it was that Shannon, along with ten other moms and I, were in her living room sharing extra baby gear and talking about how to bring back the ‘village’ mentality. Shannon had just started the Kelowna Facebook group “Mamas for Mamas” and her vision was AMAZING and so […]

Support a Family this Christmas!


Hymers Private Wealth of RBC Dominion Securities is the proud Platinum Partner for the organization’s 2021 Christmas Hamper Program.

The holiday spirit is about giving and spreading joy throughout the communities in which we live and serve. In 2020, we distributed over 6,000 Christmas hampers to families in Canada and over 2,500 in the Okanagan alone! This year we have had an exponential increase in the number of families who need our support. We are faced with an enormous challenge this year, and with your help, you can provide a heart-warming outcome and a little magic this time of year.

Christmas can be the most stressful and challenging time of the year for many. The knowledge that someone has thought about them this Christmas, that they are not alone, can lift the spirits of so many caregivers and children. This year you can donate to a family in need or sponsor a family directly in our community. 
S P O N S O R   T O D A Y!