Brent Marshall

Brent Marshall

When the pandemic hit, the nonprofit world faced a massive decrease in available funding. Beyond this, our clients were facing unprecedented poverty-related struggles and needed us more than ever. We had to find new ways of bringing in funds to run our poverty relief programs, and that’s where Brent came in.

As a father himself and a huge believer in giving back to the community, he launched a commercial real estate company that donates 50% of his own commission to children based charities on every deal.

It’s more than real estate done differently. It’s creating poverty relief solutions outside the box in a world where only hexagons will survive.

This incredible business on purpose model was launched by honourary Mama and friend, Brent Marshall. As someone who has successfully built 25 companies (and counting), there is nobody better to buy and sell your commercial real estate. Brent’s disruptive approach to marketing and mastery of process efficiencies has made an indelible mark on the automobile and now the real estate industry. But ultimately, it’s his drive to leave the world a better place—as well as his four wonderful children—that keep his engine revving.

50% of every deal closed with Brent puts thousands of dollars into the hands of children based charities and you as the client chooses from the following charities to receive the funds.

At Mamas for Mamas, we are so proud to stand alongside these incredible organizations as charities of choice: Okanagan Dream Rally, Payton and Dillon Budd Memorial Fund, Pacific Autism Network, Children’s Wish Foundation, BC Children’s Hospital.

So, if you’re looking to buy or sell a business or commercial property, call Brent Marshall to do business on purpose. Whether you’re new to the area or established for decades, when you work with Brent to buy or sell your commercial real estate, you are making a conscious choice to make this world a better place.