We offer a community without barriers to raising healthy, happy children. Learn More We are in this Together Donate. Share. Support. Connect. Ways to Support

We are in this Together Donate. Share. Support. Connect. Ways to Support


Baby gear, toys, food, time, dollars. We accept donations of all kinds.


Swap toys and books with another family.


Support low-income families by sponsoring Mamas for Mamas. Anything helps.


Connect with Mamas in your community and spread the kindness.

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Mamas for Mamas is a specialized poverty relief agency and an all inclusive community for mothers and caregivers. We envision a future where no mama or child is left behind.

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Authentic relationships. True connection. It’s the missing link for most people these days, especially new parents. At Mamas for Mamas we aim to change that. We build on our relationships and connections.

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Let's change the landscape of poverty together!

Since we began, we have had thousands of people volunteer their time and skills to Mamas for Mamas. We wouldn’t be here without the dedication of our volunteers across Canada.


If you are looking to help out in your community, we have multiple volunteer positions available. All it takes is as little as 5 hours each month and you’ll be building up the Mamas community in your area.

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Tug 6
Lover's Tempo

With your purchase of any of the Mamas for Mamas specialty grade coffee below, Tug 6 Craft Coffee Roasters will donate $3.50 per lb directly to our Mamas for Mamas program.

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This special collection of 4 gold-plated necklaces centers around uplifting Mothers and caregivers. For every necklace purchased, one will be gifted to a mother or caregiver through Mamas for Mamas. More than “just a gift”, it’s a reminder to these amazing women that they are important. 

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Life is uncertain, but what is certain is that hard times can bring out either the best or the worst in ourselves and in each other.

Let’s bring out the best in each other.

We encourage everyone to embrace the chaos and give in to not knowing. Learning to get comfortable with our own discomfort is the key to being present. Even in chaos, flowers bloom.

This is a completely unprecedented time. Please, be kind to yourselves and to others. If there was ever a time to build longer tables and not higher fences, it’s now.

Margaret Mead

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Honorary Mamas

A message from our clients


  • Yesterday a lovely mom come over and dropped off a birthday present for my daughter that turned 5. I was so grateful and was almost in tears when her little boy went to had me the gift. What I thought wasn’t going to be a great birthday for my daughter turned into a wonderful day. Love this group!

  • I’d just like to say to all the moms have helped me this past week!! All the moms that gave advice and help me with dealing with unexpected illness in the family I had. I wish I can tag all the moms that helped me here. Thank you Lorraine Giesbrecht for the interview clothes and more that I wasn’t expecting. I got the job. First job in 8 years. Thank you for the support. This group is truly amazing!!

  • The support we have received from Mama’s for Mama’s absolutely blew me out of the water and surpassed my wildest dreams. The clothes, jackets, diapers and wipes are already being used, keeping the kids warm and dry and relieving stress. The real Christmas tree, decorations and lights provided myself and the children hours of entertainment, excitement and gratefulness. I haven’t seen them that excited about anything in months, they were literally jumping up and down squealing with excitement. At bedtime, they told me the best part of their day was putting decorations on the “big, huge, massive tree” and they were grateful for “the happy Christmas things.

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Other Side of Homelesness

To understand how a mom with a newborn and a toddler can end up living in their car in Canada, we must first re-examine our perception of poverty and the metrics that define it. Our current system does not accurately reflect the cost of living per capita when determining poverty cut-off lines, leaving thousands of caregivers at a disadvantage. Their income might appear adequate when compared to a national average, but in reality, it falls short of meeting their needs.

Addressing homelessness among caregivers and their children involves tackling both relative and absolute homelessness. Relative homelessness refers to those living in inadequate housing conditions, while absolute homelessness involves individuals lacking any form of shelter. Homelessness is more than just a lack of shelter—it's an obstacle to health, stability, and opportunity. Our campaign is committed to creating sustainable solutions that provide not only housing but also the necessary support systems to help families thrive.

By emphasizing advocacy, community engagement, and strategic partnerships, we aim to build a future where every caregiver and child has a safe and stable place to call home.
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